Saving for Retirement Campaign Background

The American middle class is facing a retirement crisis and has not taken adequate steps to financially prepare. Approximately 2 in 5 households headed by people age 55-64—over 9 million households—have no retirement assets saved. With time running out, most haven’t saved enough, but there are simple and actionable steps that people can take to prepare for their retirement. The new Saving for Retirement campaign empowers these individuals to get more out of their retirement plans by accessing personalized tips and action items at By recognizing the audience's past financial feats, such as buying a house or saving for a vacation, this campaign restores the public's confidence in their ability to save for retirement.

Utilize this section to to reference background information, research, and other resources relating to the Saving for Retirement public service advertising campaign.

Campaign Fact Sheet

One-page fact sheet includes background information on the Saving for Retirement campaign.

Campaign Talking Points

Review this document to familiarize yourself with key facts, statistics, and information about both the issue and the campaign.

Press Release

Campaign press release that includes information on the launch of the Saving for Retirement campaign.


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